Charlatan’s Magic

Do you believe in magic? Believing can lead to ruin. But not believing…that can lead to murder.

Wind Rider

The secrets of the future lie buried in the red smoke. One must delve to the very depths of the cracked earth to find them.

Deep Dweller

Prophets of the Smoke, Book two. THe first draft is Complete. A revisional draft is now underway.




I’ve had the good fortune to do some pretty memorable things in my life. I have scaled a rock face in the majestic Columbia River Gorge. I’ve jumped from a perfectly good airplane simply for the thrill. I’ve seen the ruins of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Stood on the shores of the Persian Gulf, gazing across the emerald sea. I even spent six months of my life in the withering cold and awe-inspiring beauty of Antarctica. Those experiences did much to fuel my wandering imagination.

Life is calmer now. A family, a career, a home. My wandering imagination now finds its place on the page. I feel that my fiction draws from the love of history, myth and legend that my experiences have inspired in me.

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