Wind Rider

Wind Rider Cover Art

Prophets of the Smoke, Book 1

In the smoke lies the truth…

The people on the Great Canyon’s floor live a simple life. They have little to fear save for the falling debris that comes with the tremors. For this reason most stay clear of the daunting cliffs. Most never even look up and wonder what lies beyond them. Dareth is different.

When an earthquake threatens the life of his mother, Dareth must follow the advice of a mad hermit and brave the cliffs to find help from outside. He seeks the aid of the mysterious Wind Riders who sail the updrafts over a vast network of fissures, which crisscross the cracked and broken land. The Wind Riders hold the secret to the future. If Dareth can handle the depths of the fissures and the red smoke that carries visions up from the bowels of the earth, he could do more than save his mother’s life. He could get a lesson in the meaning of destiny.

Not all would see Dareth succeed in his task. The future revealed by the smoke is hazy. Dareth’s face hovers in the forefront. Whether the omen portends good or ill is an argument some might kill to win.