Distractions, distractions

If it’s not the job, it’s the kids. If it’s not the kids, it’s the…

Sound familiar? I could fill in the blank with a ton of different things. Most of them would only prove that at heart I’m just a lazy bum. Well, the job is a must. The kids, can’t give em back. (for the record, I wouldn’t want to) That leaves the last category of distraction left for me to work with. The lazy bum category. It’s those distractions that vie for my attention in the few hours I have remaining to me late in the evening. Thankfully, I managed to forcibly excise video games from my life several years ago when my children were near to being born. I actually feared that battle for my attention so much that it required a preemptive strike. Still, other things plague me. Television can be a merciless time-suck. And then there’s football season. I have to admit to a little obsessive behavior when it comes to my Seahawks.

When I start to examine these things, I have to ask myself if these distractions are not made more enticing simply BECAUSE they act as a deterrent to writing. And so I have to examine my motivations. Am I really not finding the time to write or am I finding other things far less gratifying in the long term, but in the moment so much easier and sweeter to deal with than slogging through the words I need to put on paper today.

What are your particular bugaboos, and are they really unavoidable? Or is it just a tactic?

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