We all get this feeling. Just looking at the picture starts a shiver going down my spine. But it's not just the chalkboard that does it. It's different for everyone, those things that grate on our nerves. For me it's the shrill and uncontrolled laughter...

I recently reexamined an old episode of Writing Excuses on the subject of suspense. They cite Alfred Hitchcock's famous "bomb under the table" analogy to explain the difference between surprise and suspense. The former is a brief and powerful emotion experienced when an explosion shocks the unsuspecting audience. Suspense is a slower, more subtle beast.

If it's not the job, it's the kids. If it's not the kids, it's the... Sound familiar? I could fill in the blank with a ton of different things. Most of them would only prove that at heart I'm just a lazy bum. Well, the job is a must. The kids, can't give em back. (for the record, I wouldn't want to) That leaves the last category of distraction left for me to work with. The lazy bum category. It's those distractions that vie for my attention in the few hours I have remaining to me late in the evening.

The inaugural post for this blog has been a long time coming. It was initially scheduled along with Wind Rider being made freely available on the site. Something big got in the way of that plan. I began work on the sequel, Deep Dweller. Now that draft one is complete and I have a moment to breathe, I thought it would be useful to start here, while I still have many of the details of the novel writing experience fresh in my mind.