Wind Rider

wind rider coverThe people on the Great Canyon’s floor live a simple life. They have little to fear save for the falling debris that comes with the tremors. For this reason most stay clear of the daunting cliffs. Most never even look up and wonder what lies beyond them. Dareth is different. Continue

Charlatan’s Magic

Charlatans-Magic-coverartThe city of Rathlera. Center of trade for the known world and a bastion of wealth for the merchants who rule there. But there is another side to Rathlera, a city where the dark streets of the slum district spill dishonesty and corruption over the glittering facade of the merchant empires brightest beacon. Ben has grown used to life in the seamier parts of the city. But even an old pick-pocket who has wandered the streets his whole life can sometimes be surprised at the depths some will go to wrest their fortunes from the Jewel City. How far will he be willing to go himself to do the same? Continue

Deep Dweller

Deep Dweller Cover ArtFirst Draft Complete! Since March 1, 2011 I have been piling up words to complete the initial draft of the next book in the ‘Prophets of the Smoke’ series. As of May 18, 2011, that draft is now complete. Deep Dweller continues Dareth’s story. It brings greater turmoil to the … Continue