Charlatan’s Magic: Cover Art Reveal


I wanted the cover of this book to be dark and dirty, like the cobbled streets of Rathlera late at night. The shadowy figure of Ming Loo was always the right choice for me as far as who to feature. It isn’t simply because he is the titular charlatan. His …

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The Pen, Mightier Than the Keyboard?

This article by Holly Lisle titled How to Revise a Novel is an excellent read. There are lots of good ideas and it’s well worth your time. I would like to focus on one particular part of her process that is entirely alien to me. Ms. Lisle makes prodigious use …

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Critique My New Cover Art

Wind Rider Cover Art

In anticipation of launching Wind Rider in print, I have created a new cover image. My first image struck me as cartoonish once I starred pruning it out and looking at proofs . This time I chose to go with an image I created originally for the header of my …

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Washer Woman (The Bean Nighe)

I must sneak away. I am no brute to harm an old woman. Her work is harsh for she beats at the cloth on the stone, oblivious of my presence. She plunges it into the flow, shaking it about like a dog with its teeth on a rabbit’s neck.

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Nails on a chalkboard

We all get this feeling. Just looking at the picture starts a shiver going down my spine. But it’s not just the chalkboard that does it. It’s different for everyone, those things that grate on our nerves. For me it’s the shrill and uncontrolled laughter of pre-teen girls. Live with …

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