2000 Things to do Before my Book Launch


2000 Things to do Before my Book Launch

This post is just as much for me as for anyone who happens to read it. Think of it as a way to organize my thoughts in these last few days before everything comes to a head. I’m starting to pull my hair out. This is all very exciting and overwhelming at the same time. I never knew there were so many things to do in order to prepare for a launch. With my first book, Wind Rider, I did little more than put it up on Amazon and wait for the droves of readers to come. Surprisingly, they did not.

I want to do it right this time, but even now it’s a huge learning curve. I will probably have to wait until the next book before I can really put into practice the things I have learned along the way with Charlatan’s Magic. I’m going to list all the things I can think of that still need doing for support of the launch as well as the Goodreads cyber-convention I will be participating in the following week. Again, this list is more for me, but it may be interesting for others. If you are considering the possibility of marching down this road, consider the fact that I have already conquered a huge to-do list. These listed here are the residuals. Perhaps it wll help inform your own decision about how far in advance of launch you should begin preparing (hint: make it longer than I gave myself). I think I will probably start this process for my next book as soon as I am done getting Charlatan’s Magic out the door. That should give me about seven months to get everything together…might just be enough time.

So here is my list as it comes off the top of my head, probably not complete and definitely not in any specific order. As I have said my time is short.


  • Twitter Promo images
  • Prepare and schedule launch tweets
  • Prepare facebook posts for launch event lead-up
  • Gather interesting materials and activities to share for facebook launch party
  • Update website with promo materials
  • Prepare to support book blast promotion with social media support  (April 2.)
  • Video trailer would be nice but probably wishful thinking prior to launch
  • Goodreads preorder invites
  • Push Goodreads giveaway (now – April 12)
  • Prepare materials and activities for Goodreads Cyber-convention. (April 10-12)
  • Continue to grow platform
  • Seek out and absorb tips and advice from those who have succeeded
  • Shamlessly beg everyone I know for their support
  • Follow up with ARC readers for advance reviews
  • Engage, engage, engage
  • Oh, and somewhere in here I have other stuff I should be writing
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